To protect our community and promote and safe and fun family atmosphere, we have established the following simple rules.  Every member must agree, before they are given the opportunity to join.

Server Rules

1. No Stealing.
– Animals, Crops, Blocks, or even items from Shops! Do not steal anything at all!

2. No Griefing.
– This includes over breeding, unleashing snow-golem’s, chickens, or anything otherwise destructive to the server.

3. No Hacks, Mods, or X-rays Allowed!
– This is a legit build server, cheating will not be tolerated!
– When banned for breaking this rule or similar (griefing etc.), we report to MCBans and MCBouncer.

4. Non-PvP Server.
– Unless it’s agreed upon by both players beforehand, you should never strike another player.

5. Be Respectful.
– No Swearing, No Chat Spamming/Shouting/or Excessive Caps, No bad attitudes – being mean, rude, derogatory or belittling others, No Inflamed Arguments.
– Do Not Harass Players or OP’s with excessive questions and requests.

6. Absolutely No Resource Gathering in Survival or UHC Worlds.
– To gather resources, please go to the Resource Worlds, where you can mine freely. (In the survival and UHC worlds, the portals are located at spawn.)

7. Respect Your Neighbors Space.
– When claiming land out in the open, never build within 100 blocks of a marked plot or territory. If you desire to build close to someone, communicate with the owner(s) about a respectful distance from them before you commence building.
– However, players building beside spawn, a main road/rail system, (adding to the community) will only need to stay a safe 10 blocks in distance from neighbors.
– Do not build below another players property. If they claimed land, assume from sky to bedrock is theirs as well.

8. No Buying And Selling Land.
– All territories belong to the server. Land should never be sold, it is free to be claimed in a reasonable fashion.

9. Christianity Is Not A Requirement.
– Don’t force the gospel on uninterested players.

10. No server advertising.
– Playing on other servers is fine, but don’t advertise them on ours.

11. No politics.

– Organizations like ours with Non-profit 501(c)(3) status cannot participate in political campaigns.  Our server can not endorse political parties or candidates.

(Please be mindful of rules five and nine, while on TeamSpeak.)

| Remember: Everything in-game is Recorded. If anyone violates any rules, action will be taken. |

Game Etiquette

Claim Your Buildings With IGN – If you have a claimed area, make sure you add noticeable signs stating your In Game Name.
No Trespassing – Unless you have express permission, don’t explore other peoples’ builds – wait until they’re in-game and ask for a tour.
Don’t Neglect Your Pet – We suggest you leave pets at home when logging off. We’re not responsible for any pet deaths left in public places.