We are excited to welcome you to our community! This is a white-listed server. To join, you will need to go though our meet and greet process, before you can enter our minecraft home. Here’s how:


Register on our forums!

Register Here! Once signed in, visit the Minecraft Server Rules thread and read thoroughly, if you post “I Accept” and will abide by the rules, you can continue the posting process. Failure to follow these rules will result in a permanent ban.


Hello. My name is _______ . 

We want to get to know you. We ask that you make a minimum of 15 posts on our forums. We’re talking meaningful posts, please interact with others, after all –  it’s fun playing with people we know, right? Spamming or pointless posts will be deleted and will not count. Here are some posting suggestion’s!


Yay! I’m Done!

Completed the posts – made a few friends! Visit the Post Requirement Complete section and tell us your username (case sensitive). That’s it! A moderator will review your posts, and we will add you to the white-list within 24 hours or less.


We hope you find this server a blessing to you, your friends and your family.

Get Building!