Why the extra worlds?

If you have played Minecraft before, your probably familiar with the fact that there are three worlds.

World – The Overworld
The Nether – The Underworld
The End – A Middle of Nowhere sort of Place.

Aside from the obvious three worlds, we decided to create alternate worlds for gathering resources and mining recklessly.

MiningInc – An Overwold
NetherMine – An Underworld

The End- For The End exclusive items

These two worlds are for mining out all the resources you could ever desire. We don’t encourage builds or personal belongings in these worlds as they will be reset often, at times without notice. You will find portals to such worlds underneath spawn.
(Alternate worlds for games, pvp, adventure, have been discussed and may be added in the future)


Why resource worlds?

We have been through a few map resets, in the last many of us were unable to finish our builds, and lost much work due to lag and other issues. In this map, we have planned things differently. Now, there is a boundary in place, which is confining us to build closer to spawn, yet still allows everyone their personal space. We will expand the boundary as new versions and biomes are released. Aside from the boundary, a rule we insist on, is for players to NOT mine recklessly or strip-mine out in the open, in the main Over-world.

This will be our home, hopefully for many years, we must not ruin the surface for other who may be looking to settle land. There is also no need for players to strip mine, outside of their “claimed” land. That’s why the resource worlds exist. Members are encouraged to help protect our map by visiting the resource worlds for their gathering needs!

Thanks to everyone for helping keep this map our home for a lengthy period of time.
Let’s see how far we will go!
Get Building!