We have a dedicated Team Speak server, talk while you build!

To Combat Trolls We’ve Made Changes to the Default Talk Power. Everyone that logs in will be muted by default.
First, please use your in-game name when logging on so the Ops can know who you are. To gain talk power – here’s what you should do.

1. Is there a TeamSpeak Admin Online?

See if there is anyone in TS (even if in another channel) with an <S> emblem by their name. This means they are a TS3 Admin who can give you talk power for a particular (or multiple rooms). Message the Admin and ask nicely if they can give you voice permissions, it is also important to mention that you are part of the Minecraft community on the CCGR forums.

2. No TeamSpeak Admins around? Just pm us on the forums!

Simply log onto the forums and send a personal message to either Xinori or CCGR. We both have tapatalk – which should alert us of your pm. If we dont get on TeamSpeak in the next few min and give you perms, then we will respond to your pm, and establish a time to meet on TS so that we can get you talk power!

Please keep in mind that if your IP address changes (if you sign on from a different computer, etc) you will need to be re-activated with perms before you can speak again. Hope to meet you on Team Speak!


*Note to Minors: Please be sure to ask your parents for permission to get on live voice with your CCGR Minecraft friends!


We hope you find this server a blessing to you, your friends and your family.
The Prism Minecraft Team
Let’s Get Building!