The Founder


The Server Admins




Admin is a short word for Administrator. An admin is a member who has been established by CCGR and the Admin team, as a leader in the server. There is a criteria for Admins to uphold which include Maturity, Christ-likeness, and Activity among others. The Admin’s main responsibility is to ensure smooth game-play, maintain a family-friendly environment and to help shape the future of the server. Ideally, they should be available to members for answering questions, assisting players and most importantly, making sure there are no violations of the established rules on the server or forums.

As this team discusses and builds up the server, they seek out and value the members opinions in builds, styles and plugins. This is done through the forum, with polls, threads and discussions made for each player to express themselves. Every post and comment are always taken into consideration when decisions are made.  

The Admins are not perfect by any means, still, please keep in mind that Ops have been carefully selected, and given charge to protect and serve sort o’ speak, so please be respectful. Members are encouraged to message a Forum Mod or CCGR, if they feel any particular Admin is taking advantage of their Admin power”. 


The Junior Admins



The Forum Mods


JOJ650s + TheAlexTDB + Woiv

Our Minecraft forum is a place where our members can share thoughts, ideas, polls, pretty much anything. Like the Admins, the moderators have been placed to be available to the members for answering questions, assisting players and most importantly, monitoring and addressing situations involving in-appropriate behavior on the public forum. No disrespect is tolerated, or arguments and flaming of any kind. Mods keep the forums clean and in order. When topics need to be "stickied", "closed" or relocated in any way, they take the initiative. Although these are the main forum mods for our Minecraft Server, there are other Moderators and Admins throughout that you may see from time to time.


Thank You!