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Hai Hai guys,

Quick Update! So, the creeper poll has ended and majority of the members desire for creepers to go BOOM once again, the Ops agreed as well. We originally made them stop exploding as we were attempting to correct the issue where villagers can’t harvest crops or breed. Although this issue still stands, we are happy to make the creepers explode once again, after all – its what they are supposed to do in Minecraft!

Aside from that, you will notice that we have been tweaking Survival spawn, making it more welcoming and useful. We heard numerous comments about how slow it was to get around such a big spawn, so we have taken initiative and added a Beacon. You should now have an awesome speed boost to help you blast off of spawn towards the shops, or your desired destination.

We are currently working on getting you access to wolves and ocelots, since it appears many Spigot servers have this issue where they de-spawn. Other things are also happening at spawn so be sure to stop by and take a peek. Another thing is regarding the [Donators] prefix. A lot of members who have donated, didn’t like the massive word next to their name in game, so we are changing things up and instead using a symbol. You should see a symbol by your name soon, to show that you love and support our server! (If you prefer not to show the symbol, please let an Op know and we will have it removed.

Lastly, CCGR and I were talking about how we missed the Old reputation points system on the forums, although that system is not compatible with our current version of the forums, she did install something to show “post love”. So be sure to use it as a like, button and show your friends you like what they posted by giving them a heart. Members are also notified when they get “hearts”.

Alright, have fun, stay tuned and enjoy the creepers going sssssSSSSSSS BOOM!

The Prism Minecraft Team
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